Barton & Co is a specialist service provider writing Lasting Powers of Attorney and bespoke Wills and administering Estates. Wills are individually tailored to the client's particular needs and we advise lay trustees and executors who are experiencing difficulties encountered in the administration of Trusts and Estates. We combine a high quality service based upon many years of experience at a competitive price. We avoid complicated legal jargon and provide advice and assistance in a clear and readily understandable style. We work with private individuals, financial advisers, wealth planners, accountants, banks and any other entity in need of assistance.

Significant increases in the value of land and housing have resulted in comparable increases in the value of an individual's eventual estate and it is more important than ever that a carefully prepared Will is in place to facilitate the distribution of an estate and to pre-empt potential problems. The administration of Estates can be a daunting task for executors and trustees who are at risk of personal liability for any errors they may make. We are well placed to undertake this work on their behalf or to advise individuals as to their obligations and duties and the best way forward.


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